Wedding make up and beauty artists

Tip: Don't do anything dramatically different, or that might not look well in pictures. Have a friend photograph you with your various makeup looks, and remember that this is how it will appear in your wedding portraits. If you usually wear light pink lipstick, and you know it looks good on you, there is no reason why you can't stick with your usual color for the wedding! But it might be fun to try a slightly deeper shade of pink, or even red. Red lipstick makes your teeth look whiter!

Put on your dress and veil, and see how it looks with your makeup. (Be careful not to smudge your dress!) If your gown is simple and classic, your hair and makeup should be too. Make sure your dress color doesn't clash with your makeup colors. Try to avoid "trendy" looks such as glittery eyes shadow or blue nail polish, or you might be embarrassed to show your wedding pictures to your kids ten years from now!

Waterproof mascara is a bride's best friend. If you happen to shed a few tears of joy, your lashes will still look great.

The names are sorted alphabetically according to the area, the rest randomly

Name Area Address Tel.

Dina Khorshid


Semiramis Intercontinental Hotel


Robina Bakie



010 6399909

Howeida Nassar


El Khalifa El Ma'moun St

Kriss Heliopolis


22 Baghdad Str.

14 Aswan Sq.


345 80 45

Amira Zayed


El Nozha El Gedida

010 1569039
Royal Nails Mohandessin


11 Sphinx Sq.

3 Hassan Yousry, Ard El Golf



Institute Clarins


47A El Kods El Sherif St, 03 91 77

Alaa El Tounsy

Mohandessin 249 El Sudan Str. / Lebanon Sq. 010 3986666
Mohamed Abdel Hamid Mohandessin 11 Esraa El Moalemin 344 6947



45, Abdel Moneim Riad St.

012 2137686

About faces/Rasha Younis


  010 6003384

Heba Al Amin

Nasr City

8 A Samir Abdel Raouf St.,

012 222 1133
En Vogue

Nasr City

12 Omar Ebn El Khattab 4146875

Reham Gehad

Nasr City

El Tairan St 012 7170198

Sherif Adnan

Zamalek 110 26th July Street 27359811
Amira El Aakel     010 4874638
Nadia El-Dib     4197688

Hanan Haleem

    012 3250907

Sherine Meneassy

    012 2377727  






Dr.Reham Higazy

    012 2722222

Asmaa El Guendy

    010 5112514

Youmna Al Shafiey

    012 354 4970

Mona El Shamy

    010 57 57 358


    012 3882190
Mona El Yamani   37 Abdel Reheem Sabry 010 1287292
Sherehan Ahmad Fakhry     012 4658930

Asmaa El Guendy

    010 5112514

Dalia Rezk

    010 6404979

Gihan Abou El Ezz

    010 6064060

Ingy Khalaf

    010 1717255

Madam Louli

    012 4782916

Karin Fahmy

    012 3108800


    012 7767695